Express BBQ ToGo

Small Value Pack

Feeds 2-4

Comes with 1lb. BBQ, 1/2 pint Slaw, Pint of Beans or Potato Salad & 4 Buns


$2.00 savings!

Large Value Pack

Feed 4-8

Comes with 2lbs. BBQ, Pint Slaw, Quart of Beans or Potato Salad & 8 Buns.


$5.00 savings!

Chopped BBQ

Choose Tomato or Vinegar Sauce

$4.50/lb. (1/2 lb)
$9.00/lb. (1 - 8.5 lbs)
$8.50/lb. (9 - 14 lbs)
$8.00/lb. (14.5 lbs or more)


(a flat of 25, $7.00)

Beans, Slaw, Potato Salad


Brunswick Stew/Soup of the Day



Salad Dressings

12oz. Bottle



Jerk Sauce, Peach Ketchup, Three Li'l Pigs Hot Sauce, Tomato BBQ Sauce or Vinegar BBQ Sauce

All $4.95/12 oz. Bottle


Our Smoked Chicken Salad

$5.00 (1/2 lb.)


Pork Tenderloin


1/2 Gallon Tea


1/2 Gallon Pink Lemonade


Plastic Picnic Packs and Plate Combo

.30/per person


Rent a Chafing Dish w/ Sterno

$100 refundable deposit required


Whole Pigs

Call Bill for details. All pigs must be partially paid for in advance.


Smoked Salmon

Whole Filet $60.00
1/2 Filet $35.00

Veggie & Cheese Trays

$3.25/per person


Our Smoked Chicken Salad & Cracker Platter

$3.00/per person


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